Stack Build. Bazel++

Improve developer productivity.

Decrease the activation energy for bazel onboarding.

Pairs well with the bazel-stack-vscode extension 🍹

Boost developer productivity with BUILD file syntax highlighting, buildifier formatting, flag autocompletion, hover documentation, real-time build events, codesearch, and more.


Know your build

Get a visual understanding of your build graph and quickly drill into any build target. Manage your dependencies to prevent bloat and tangles.


Intuitive Bazel execution

Get a real-time display of Bazel's build events and actions as the build executes. Make Bazel more intuitive to reduce need for training, and spend less time debugging your build.


Managed performance and support escalation

Aggregate build & test metrics to a central location to keep your build running fast. Share links to build runs to debug problems with experts. Integrate with your internal support and ticketing systems.

Focus on your product

Reduce toil for developers with automation tools to keep your Bazel configuration up-to-date with your source code.


Comprehensive support

Bazel provides amazing benefits but at a high cost of ownership.

This problem isn't solved by software: your team needs to build organization expertise. Our approach ensures success of your Bazel project by reducing your costs and mitigating your risks.