Chrystl (pronounced as “crystal”) is a user-interface for the bazel build tool.


While Bazel is an excellent build tool, it can be challenging to learn. Bazel has a reputation for being opaque to what the build “looks like” and what is happening “under the hood”.


Chrystl provides clarity for your build and can ease the adoption of bazel within the enterprise.

Chrystl is designed to:

  • Onboard faster; ease the transition for new bazel developers
  • Provide a shared understanding from all members/roles of the development team
  • Debug issues easier with actions/sandboxing & remote execution
  • Search easily for rules / files within the build
  • Serve generated assets from the build directly


Individual develop licenses are available for $129/user/year. Enterprise agreements / volume pricing are available on request.

Purchase comes with a two week “no-questions-asked” refund policy.


Please contact us for download instructions.


Workspace package structure:

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